"Crooked Soul"

by J. E. Taylor

Ancient vampires and revenge mix together in a potent cocktail.
A steamy paranormal romance novel
# Paranormal
# Romance
# Vampires
# Werewolves
# Witches
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Escaping from captivity brings its own special challenges. Like dealing with PTSD, along with major trust issues. When an ancient vampire arrives from overseas, she comes with baggage from a past long before I was born. And she is hell-bent on revenge. Not only are we trying to dodge the monsters, but we are back on the radar of the Monster Defense Agency, and they are pissed. If Robby and I can’t get our shit together, either the MDA or the master of the vampire who nearly destroyed us will finish the job.

Title: "Shades of Night"

When werewolves and witches pair up to hunt vampires, what could go wrong?

An urban fantasy romance with forbidden mates, cool magic, and a kick-ass heroine.

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