"The Death Chronicles II"

by J. E. Taylor

Death is the family business.
An urban fantasy romantic suspense novel.
# Urban Fantasy
# Suspense
# Supernatural
# Romance
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Death is the family business, but not one I want to pursue. Thankfully, it’s been passed down from father to son for generations, so it should skip over me as Death’s daughter. Then I won’t have to stop being alive and can actually live my life. Right? Well, the reapers don’t agree. And neither do the angels. One thinks I’m destined to take over, the other believes I will destroy existence. Both want me dead to match their own agendas. I have an agenda of my own, and Leviathan who has sworn to protect me. But once my family and friends start being targeted, the family business, while grim, might be the only choice I have to save those I love. The Death Chronicles II includes the following titles Grim’s Daughter Finding Death Reap the Dead Kissing Fate