"Dragon Dawn"

by J. E. Taylor

Our short history together proved one thing: trust is a four-letter word.
A post-apocalyptic urban fantasy novel
# Post-Apocalypse
# Urban Fantasy
# Dragons
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I doubt Mikhail St. Clare will ever truly trust me again after my colossal screw-up that nearly led to his death. And I’m not sure I trust Mikhail now that he thinks humans are just as monstrous as our enemies. The only thing we seem to agree on is our desire to annihilate the leviathans and unseat the serpent king. Our personal futures depend on ridding the earth of these murderous overlords who have been hunting us since I escaped and Mikhail betrayed them. What they don’t know is that we have a plan. Of course, nothing about our scheme is easy. We thought the monsters were our most deadly hurdle. But building a bomb large enough to wipe out an entire species is tricky. One wrong move and we could destroy everyone living in New York instead.

Title: "Season of the Dragon"

Monsters, Trust issues, and a near death experience. What else could go wrong?

A post apocalyptic urban fantasy novel

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