"Dragon Tempest"

by J. E. Taylor

Everyone thought monsters were things of pure fantasy. We were so very, very wrong.
A chilling post-apocalyptic urban fantasy novel
# Post-Apocalypse
# Urban Fantasy
# Dragons
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The end of life as we knew it didn’t come with a nuclear blast of light. It didn’t come with the deadly impact of a hurdling asteroid. No. It came in a wave of illness that swept the world with fear. With all the humans in quarantine, quiet settled over the planet for months. Beasts hidden away for millennia ventured out of their buried caverns to investigate the sudden stillness. Leviathans, serpent kings, and dragons came forth from the bowels of the Earth, and they saw no reason to go back to their sleep after the humans tried to reemerge. The season of the dragon began with fire and fury and would end with a new world order. One in which these giant terrorists held all the power. Every military institution across the globe was rendered to dust by these intelligent creatures. And then came their demands: humanity’s complete surrender and servitude. Being a slave is not in my DNA and yet I have been called upon to negotiate a peace treaty with these monsters. The only problem is every fiber of my being opposes their terms. If I blow this mission, the human race won’t be given another chance.

Title: "Season of the Dragon"

Monsters, Trust issues, and a near death experience. What else could go wrong?

A post apocalyptic urban fantasy novel

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