"Fire Cursed"

by J. E. Taylor

Lucifer's Daughter Rises!
A dark urban fantasy novel
# Angels
# Demons
# Psychic
# Supernatural
# Suspense
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Lucifer’s daughter rises. Faith Kennedy’s quiet life off the grid ends when her mother dies of cancer. Before her mother succumbs to the disease, she tells Faith who her father is. The revelation terrifies Faith more than the thought of the state foster care system. When Tom and Bridget Ryan step into the state home for girls, the course of Faith’s life changes yet again. With a new, less frightening future offered, Faith jumps at the chance to live in the light despite her newly found talents. However, word that the devil’s daughter lives brings out dark supernatural entities, and each and every one of them either wants to control her or kill her.

Title: "Fire Cursed Trilogy"

Lucifer's Daughter Rises

A tense supernatural suspense series.

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