"Fire Cursed Trilogy"

by J. E. Taylor

Lucifer's Daughter Rises
A tense supernatural suspense series.
# Urban Fantasy
# Suspense
# Supernatural
# Romance
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Lucifer’s daughter rises. Faith Kennedy’s mother hid the awful truth from her daughter for sixteen years. Until she lay on her deathbed. Only then did she reveal who sired her daughter, and the revelation terrifies Faith. The devil may have sired her, but he only wants her beating heart ripped out of her chest. After all, that’s where her angel grace fueling her fire power is stored, and that will give him what he needs to bring about humanity’s fall. And Lucifer will take down anyone who gets in his way. When Faith is given an ancient knife that can kill the devil, she faces the toughest challenge of her young life. She must hunt Lucifer and put him down. Otherwise, the world will burn. But if she succeeds, she may wipe herself, and everyone she loves, out of existence. Fire Cursed Trilogy includes Fire Cursed, Homecoming, and Judgement Day.