"Glimpses: A Collection of Stories"

by J. E. Taylor

Novellas, Short Stories and a bonus Novel!
PNR, Urban Fantasy, Horror, and Sci-Fi mixture
# Fantasy
# Horror
# Urban Fantasy
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This collection includes novellas, a bonus novel, and a handful of short stories. The following titles are included: THE DEVIL’S OFFER Tricked into a deal with the devil, will Layla lead someone else to death to save her own soul? WINTER’S HEART Lisa Winters is supposed to save the small town of Opal from destruction with magic she does not possess. Will she succeed in slaying the white tiger or die trying? LILITH – A NIGHT HAWK PREQUEL Obsession puts Lilith within the grasp of immortality, but the price for living forever creates a different, much darker fixation. MESSIAH André's abilities have always marked him as special, but fulfilling an ancient prophecy is enough to have him ostracized into the cosmos. Love was his motivation for preventing his parent's execution, now in Earth's refuge, will love be his undoing again? Short Stories also included in this collection include: ARMAGEDDON ABYSS GRAYSON HOUSE IRON RAIN NIGHTMARES POLLYWOGS & WATER MOCCASINS FLIGHT PLAN SAVIOR THE UNDERSTUDY