"Practical Magick"

by J. E. Taylor

An angry ghost is the least of their worries.
A dark and steamy paranormal romance novel
# Dark
# Demons
# Paranormal
# Suspense
# Witches
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When Paige and Austin find out the truth about Austin’s heritage, they must come to terms with an evil much greater than Hunter’s ghost. An evil targeting Austin, coveting his blood. Paige must keep him safe from the devil’s henchmen, and the only way she knows how is to call into practice her rusty skills wielding practical magick. If she fails, Austin’s heart will be used in the battle between good and evil.

Title: "Magick Trilogy"

Paige Turner's magick skills are rusty, but she needs to refine her spells or her determination to save a very special soul will prove to be disastrous.

Suspense and chills cascade through this dark urban fantasy thriller.

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