"Season of the Dragon"

by J. E. Taylor

Monsters, Trust issues, and a near death experience. What else could go wrong?
A post apocalyptic urban fantasy novel
# Post-Apocalypse
# Urban Fantasy
# Romance
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Monsters, trust issues, and a near death experience. What else could go wrong? The end of life as we knew it didn’t come with a nuclear blast. It didn’t come with the deadly impact of a hurdling asteroid. No. It came in a wave of illness that swept the world with fear, and in our quarantined silence, the monsters awoke. Leviathans, serpent kings, and dragons came forth from the bowels of the Earth. The season of the dragon began with fire and fury and ended with a new world order. One in which these giant terrorists held all the power. When Mikhail St. Clare betrays the monsters by saving me from death at their claws, I cannot trust the last remaining dragon shifter. Not when humankinds’ survival is at stake, and he had a hand in our near extinction. The only thing we seem to agree on is our desire to annihilate the leviathans and unseat the Serpent King. Our personal futures depend on ridding the earth of these murderous overlords. We thought crossing the leviathan-patrolled city where every corner hides a hideous death was our most lethal hurdle. But building a bomb large enough to wipe out an entire species carries its own insane levels of danger. One wrong move and we could destroy everyone living in New York instead. Season of the Dragon includes Dragon Tempest, Dragon Storm, and Dragon Dawn.