"Silent Night Trilogy"

by J. E. Taylor

Santa's daughter is not your normal Kringle.
A Christmas urban fantasy tale collection.
# Urban Fantasy
# Mythology
# Christian
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Everyone thinks the Kringles only work in toy making. I’m not your normal Kringle and toy making is definitely not in my blood. Nope. I slay monsters. But when Christmas rolls around, I protect Santa’s sleigh. Most of the time, we deal with a stray rogue monster or two on Christmas Eve. But this year is different. It seems the monsters have decided they want to play with Santa’s reindeer and ring his bells. If I don’t put a stop to this madness, not only will Santa be their next meal, but children all over the world will wake to a Christmas that never was. If they wake at all… Silent Night Trilogy includes Joy, Silent Night, and Christmas Wish