"Tainted Mind"

by J. E. Taylor

No one in the agency is safe from our wrath.
A steamy paranormal romance novel
# Paranormal
# Romance
# Vampires
# Werewolves
# Witches
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No one in the agency is safe from our wrath. I am the last of my kind, deemed a monster by the Monster Defense Agency. But the MDA does not understand the hell their duplicity has unleashed. Robby and I are now on our own hunting expedition. Our target: the head of the MDA. Although, it isn’t just one man pulling the strings. It’s a highly complex network that is more like a damn hydra. When you extinguish one, another pops out of the woodwork. Two against an ancient organization that trains monster-killers and that knows all our tricks is even harder than it sounds. It’s going to take all our skill and intelligence to kill this beast. And being caught is not an option.

Title: "Shades of Night"

When werewolves and witches pair up to hunt vampires, what could go wrong?

An urban fantasy romance with forbidden mates, cool magic, and a kick-ass heroine.

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