"The Devil's Offer"

by J. E. Taylor

A deal with the devil comes with a price.
A Young Adult paranormal romance story
# Young Adult
# Paranormal
# Romance
# Suspense
# Angels
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When I make a deal with the devil to save my boyfriend, I never imagined that he would break up with me two days later. Or that Lucifer himself would show up at my door, demanding payment. What is he asking for as payment, exactly? I must track down the last demon hunter for the devil, so Lucifer can kill him once and for all. If I do this, Lucifer will tear up my contract. If I refuse, he will drag my soul to Hell to start my eternal punishment. My choices suck. An eternity in agony, or lead someone else to their death in exchange for my very soul. What would you choose?

Title: "Young Adult Urban Fantasy Bundle"

Death, Fate, Lucifer's Daughter, Santa's Daughter and Archangel battles!

A collection of 14 Young Adult Urban fantasy stories in one bundle

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