"The Elvren Assassin"

by J. E. Taylor

Mya is Missing. And the Director wants her back. Or worse, dead.
A thrilling fantasy romance in the same world as The Witch Assassin
# Witches
# Fae
# Fantasy
# Romance
# Suspense
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Mya is missing. And the Director wants her back. Or worse, dead. Avery’s mission was to find Mya, the lost assassin, who stepped through the portal to Eleka and disappeared. If Avery finds her, she must bring her home, or if Mya is unwilling to return, Avery must kill her. But Mya was the only assassin at the complex who saw Avery as a person. She even gave her the name Avery instead of only the numbers issued to each assassin by the Director. This is not a job she wants. But she’s one of a handful of assassins with fae blood, and she has no choice but to follow the Director’s orders. If she fails, her handler will pay the price. And he has angel blood like she does, which makes him the closest thing to kin that she has. Her only hope is to find Mya and convince her to come home. Or Avery will witness her handler’s death before her own.