"Touch of Fire"

by J. E. Taylor

Are you ready for a little steam?
A collection of steamy short stories
# Steamy
# Fantasy
# Ghosts
# Horror
# Demons
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The Seduction of Sir Galahad Sir Galahad comes out of his shell when a fallen angel catches his attention. Miami Heat After leaving an abusive relationship behind, all Lynn wanted was a quiet summer in Miami – but her ex has other thoughts. Office Games An office attraction ignites into one wild and kinky affair. Mile High An exploration into sexual ménage and a helicopter ride she’ll never forget. The Raising What would you do to bring your soul mate back from the dead? Would you give up your soul? Your talents? Your life? Dr. Holly Robbins lost her husband to a stray bullet and now she has another patient on the brink between life and death. A patient whose mother offers a unique opportunity, but only if Holly can save her son. House Rules Layla's gambling addiction brings her face-to-face with the devil’s emissary and now she's playing for her soul. Kaine is one hot, soul-collecting stud. He runs the table in Hell’s den, and the house rules are simple: if the player wins, they are given the choice to walk away with the amount of time in their pot. But if the house wins, the player must pay the loss with pain. When all the player’s chips are lost, they become a permanent resident of hell. Can Layla resist the temptation for more time, or will she end up locked in hell, screaming for all eternity?